Friday, February 25, 2011

Spring is coming; let the doldrums be banished

 Plotting and planning for  June has begun.   Hotel ressies made, Plane tickets( for each of us) are bought.   all I need now is to figure out the least complicated way to rent a wheelchair for the trip.

I absolutely will need one for San Diego,  there is no way I could survive 2 days each at the Zoo and WAP( now called safari Park) and squeeze in a trip to Seaworld while we are at it.  I could admit that its my own fault due to lack of exercise, but that's not entirely true.   I really am in a bad way.   my hips just can't take the strain any more.  the local post office is about a 20 minute walkaway, and when I go there, I am done for the rest of the day, even factoring in  my usual routine of sitting down at one of the nearby eateries( I have a bounty to choose from,. Hardee's. KFC, Friendly's, even Five Guys if I really needed 5 pounds of deep fried goodness in a paper bag) all on the way.  and heck, the route flat!

Guess i really am old and will need to seriously revisit the doc's recommendation to  get a referral to an Ortho surgeon.   Oh, Joy.   Next year, when John gets back from Okinawa.

But that is tabled for the nonce.   first I need to make reservations at a few sit down places in Disneyland.   Thinking Napa Rose and ESPN Zone.  one romantic and one casual.   works for me.

Just need to get through the next 3 months.   if the snow is REALLY doen for the year, it will be a start.. a good one.. to ensure my survival.

Ten bucks says when he returns in Spring 2012 means for the next three years after that there will be NO significant snowfall accumulation.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Better Late than never: Birthday Cards!

Okay so this is hard to admit but I am not that tech savvy, and the Mac photo app isn't quite as intuitive as the other programs I have had.. as I am having the damndest time finding simple commands like delete for all my extra super fuzzy pictures.   so that's why my blog won;t have  large copious  amounts of entries brimming with picturey goodness.   hell the other day I tried to  take out the  card formt he camera, stick in in the Mac slot.. yeah, took ten minutes to get the stupid thing out, then promptly misplaced the battery( which must be removed first) and then for the life of me could not  get the bloody thing to actually  enter the slot on the Mac.  yay for external USB connectivity....

 so without further ado, just a bunch of cards my Meade Gang pals sent me:


 yes lots of creativity there.   and I have no idea why the top one won't show up..  shows up just fine in my album.. honest...

Maybe next time you'll get some  of my latest creations.. which admittedly have not been nearly as many as I should be doing.. or  have been.

 Confession Time: been seriously depressed.  And I am ashamed to admit that as I tend to be REALLY hard on those whiny wives that  do nothing but lament how haaaaaaaard it all is cuz their DH had to work overnight.  or the ones that  throw conniption fits because their BF in Bagram didn't call her when he said he would.   and Mine  isn't even IN a combat zone.   we talk daily for at least an hour over IM and Skype when necessary.   and we both agreed way back when that we would not  try and get the orders changed or shortened.  I am the biggest Hypocrite out there.  This June trip is the only thing keeping me going, and yet all it is doing is keeping me from sliding down even further into funkdom.  Not even the last few days of 60 plus degree weather is helping.

and although officially the Leave hasn't been approved yet( OPS went  to do so the other day and of course the computer system went down.. John and I plotted our itinerary and meals for DisneyLand at least( we will pretty much wing it in san Diego except for a MUST DO trip to Rock Bottom...mmmm steak stuffed with bleu cheese and garlic, how I miss thee.

Oh well,  maybe someday I will quit feeling sorry for myself....

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Warning: Sappy Romantic Crap ahead

Apparently my husband  forgot about our little unofficial  arrangement.   you know, the whole  No Flowers thing.  I Forgive him.

Oh yeah.  and we made hotel reservations for a week in LA and San Diego in June.  we decided that flying in to LA then driving the 2 hours to San dawg for the first half was smarter.   this way we spend a few days down there, hit the Zoo and  Safari Park( aka Wild Animal Park) as well as Sea World then drive back up and spend the last 2 days at Disneyland.    this way we aren't paying ridiculous return fees on the rental car.

of course  this assumes he will get his leave approved...