Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Ding Dong the Witch is Dead

Score one for the Good Guys.   Bin laden is brought to justice.  of course there will be conspiracy theories abounding.. no he isn't really dead,   why wouldn't they release photos, why did they bury him at sea yada yada yada.

some questions are valid, others are just meant to stir the pot and still more are just plain ignorance.

My own personal opinion:

 we don't ever need to see pics.   I trust my government to not lie to  the American people about something so important.  I also trust that they did not stoop to the level of Al Qaida and the terrorists and  buried him at sea with all due respect for the Muslim faith.  Nor do we need to throw a ticker tape parade for SeAL Team 6 and the CIA operatives.   They know who they are, and they know we are grateful.  But for their safety, and that of their families, they should remain just as they are.. shadowy, anonymous and unknown.

Bottom Line: he's dead.   The nation has does as it pledged and followed to the ends of the earth to bring a murderer and terrorist to justice.   so it took 10 years.   Big Whup.   in the meantime we also liberated 2 oppressed nations and helped spread democracy.  we helped a nation bring it's oppressive leader to justice and he too paid with his life.. via an Iraqi system of justice.  we have restored basic  human rights to  hundreds of thousand of people.  It took a while, but we got it done.

Yay Us