Thursday, June 7, 2012

yeap I REALLY suck at this

the updating thing I mean....

*insert lame ass excuse here that means nothing other than I am a lazy spudge*

Hmm.. Umm well he did get home.. Easter Saturday in fact.

 suffice it to say his trip home was  indicative of the entire 2 years  apart.   plane delays in SEATAC, flying into the  one airport in the BWA triangle that was LEAST convenient, arriving home at midnight or thereabouts.  We can laugh about it now.  on that weekend,  well lets just say frustration reigned...

 Luckily we had a small reprieve for a few weeks.    it was  in fairly short order that we bought a new car.. one that I can actually get in and out of  without too much hassle.  and we managed to get a lot of little projects done around the house that have been languishing for one reason or another.

 but that soon ended as he was put in limbo while his Clearance issues got  straightened out.   every 5 years it must be renewed and guess what coincided with PCS?   and of course the losing command saw no reason to begin the process so it was shelved until he got back.. which meant he was  jobless   until it did go through.   it's now the second week of june.. he FINALLY 'badges up" next Tuesday.   Dear gawd they want to make him a Department Head.   in the meantime he's been able to  either call in to work and say "hey I am still alive" or just bail at noon.   he's done all of that and  more.  Hopefully by the end of next week we will have a more solid  idea of what he will be doing the next 3 years.

 ahh the cruise.   as soon as I umm.. find the camera( hey still haven't completely unpacked yet.   deal)   I will post pictures and a review.   suffice it to say  Royal Caribbean is our new favorite home.   for about the same price as  Disney was costing us, we got a full suite with all the assorted perks that go along with it.. and better port calls.   We booked another cruise while still on board.. and it was HIS idea to go to New England and Canada.   But Bermuda was AWE(wait for it) SOME.   in fact 2 partial days and one full one were NOT enough.   we definitely intend on going back.   but the NE/C departs on our anniversary, he wants to see the fall foliage and we wanted to try something different.   Might still sneak in one between now and  Sept 2013.  maybe another short one  in the spring.  I'd even be willing to drop down to a JS in the interim.  or a balcony.


All in all I hope the rest of the year goes a damn sight better than the first half has been.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

well I suck at this apparently

Last year I had all these grandiose plans..    yeah, about them.. not so much with the execution part.

Oh sure I managed to pay off the student loan.. but that was about it.

will I be any better at it this year?    prolly not.  at least I am honest about it this time.  I cold give you all sorts of excuses, and you'll nod your head wisely and say you understand.

the truth of the matter is, I fell apart.  About, oh 8 months ago I had a breakdown/epiphany/revelation.   and NOT in a good way.  I should have gone to see a mental health professional.   I didn't.   the reasons why  don't really matter.   well they do, but I am not going to  give you my lame ass excuses( all of which had a reasonable counter argument as to why I could not do such and such a thing),

I have been doing this Navy Spouse thing for well over 15 years.   as I look back on the last 24 months of my life.. the first 13 years.. were NOTHING.  a cakewalk.   easy peasy.  didn't even work up a sweat.

 so what makes this last duty station so damned 'special'?  the choices we made.. consciously.

 we , DH and I , brought it upon ourselves and we suffered.. personally and professionally, because of it.   we tried to  convince ourselves that it was worth it,  that this was a good check in the box for his career progression, that we could visit each other every 6 months and that would be enough.

We were wrong.   does no good now  to say we coulda shoulda.   it's done.   in about  3 months ish, he will PCS and be back  here.  and then instead of having to learn to live apart, we have to learn to live together again.