Friday, August 26, 2011

Come on Irene...

its 80s Music fest!  wooT.   so the entire state is freaking out over Hurricane Irene.

 okay she's a Cat 2.   big fat hairy deal.   I say this as someone who has lived through Andrew and Isobel although I did escape Katrina.   and well I don't even count the two tai-fun I experienced in Yokosuka a bazillion years ago.

 yeah.. right.. the  grill is INSIDE,   there are several pitchers of filtered water and tonight before I go to bed I will be  filling the bathtub.  I studiously avoided eating things that required no cooking for the last two days.  (tonight I tried out my brand spanky new pampered Chef grill pan and press.. LIKE!)

do I really think we'll get slammed?  not particularly.   but.. better safe than sorry.  I do have a generator but no spare gas.   oh well, if it gets too bad I will offer the extra plugs to  anyone with a gas  can heheheh.

Am I worried?  not really, no.   although if I lose power during Doctor Who,  heads WILL roll. and yes tomorrow am I will purposely  schedule FB crops and what not  to come due/live on Sunday or later .  Priorities, ya Know?

 anywho:  the last , oh I dunno 6 -8 weeks or so I noticed something..  every once in a while I remember that my  Homeowners association kinda likes it when we maintain our lawns.  no biggie, it's not like I have an acre or anything.   but when I actually go to LOOK.. its all nice and neat.  hell the edge of the house and around the deck supports are like.. neat and trimmed and crap.  I do NOT do the weedwhacker, I just cannot operate it.  so for the last 18 months the side of the house and around the  supports crap.  worse even.    well today I found out my  secret mow-er.. the guy from 2 houses down.   Mind you I have never said 2 words to the guy before.  so yeah, when John gets back.. he has some lawn mowing to do.

It's nice to see the little things people do.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

We have ORDERS!!!!!!!!!

of course in typical Military NonSpeak there are no specifics :Detach March 2012.  report NSA/CSS COMSEC Ft Meade MD April 2012.   good friend of ours is the XO, too so we already have an inside track.

 bit of a leeway, what?!   hopefully the replacement guy gets there early in March so they can do turnover quickly.   plan is to take a week, maybe two to get settled, buy a car; perhaps deign to  physically show ourselves to various and sundry NY relations for a weekend.

 end of May is spoken for.. 6 days in Bermuda aboard Royal Caribbean Enchantment of the Seas.   put the deposit down earlier this week.  followed by 10 days at Animal Kingdom Lodge in September.  the rest of the time he can work.

Student Loans are paid OFF!   last payment went out this week.  5 years early, thankyewverymuch.   so nice to not have any monthly bills other than  the mortgage and the utilities for a while

 still going to Okinawa in December for 2 weeks.  can't not.