Sunday, March 27, 2011

Yo. WTH is Spring?!

seriously.   it SNOWED last night.   granted nothing stuck but it's bloody freezing  out there.  Dear March: you came in like a lion.. you are supposed to go out like a lamb.   Pay attention dammit!

my poor Squidly dude.   working 18 hour days 7 days a week keeping the everyday crap  plugging along while everybody else  helps out with relief efforts.  It's been rough on him, in many ways, and I feel bad I can't be there in person to help.   June can't come soon enough.

More Adventures with Unaccompanied orders/home ownership.  Smoke Detectors.   Necessary evil.   My Brother is a firefighter so I know all about their necessity and how you should change their batteries every 6 months/changing of the clocks.  Last year they went off at 0200 (seriously I think they are PROGRAMMED to go off in the middle fo the night to make sure somebody is home to hear it)  not a week before John.. my lovely 6 Ft tall husband with no neck issues who can reach the ceiling on the step ladder.. left for Okinawa.    ( and yes I swear HE planned it that way too!)

at least this time they waited until 0730.   Thanks for that.   unfortunately, last year?    yeah I busted the swingy door thingy that is supposed to lock shut and keep the battery  attached to the leads.   so it has to be taped shut.  and if you don't get the tape  it doesn't latch.   and an hour later the bastard goes off again cuz it cannot detect the battery.

and uh WHY do I have one that is battery only while every OTHER one in the house is wired directly?! hmmm??!.   and that doesn't even count the odd ball one that uses these 2 midget batteries I have never seen before and have no idea WTF it is supposed to detect.   CO1?   Heat?   yet another smoke detector?

and yes I tried last year to leave the battery only one un batteried since I have a bunch of others but it gets most snippy with you when you leave it unplugged too long.   and I can't fully remove it anyway.  was tempted to get a set of wire cutters.. but with my luck I would have blown up the house.

at least I got outta the house yesterday.   card making day with Wonder Amanda.  she took a few basic supplies and made a bunch of different cards/projects.   and dammit now I want that stupid stamp set with the bird.  luckily I already had the embossing folders she used.. well the frame one and I have a close substitute for the basketweave one.   and depending how ambitious I get I may post pics although they are already posted in several other places.  oh yeah and I was introduced to the joys of Xyron.   like I need another gadget....

Monday, March 14, 2011

Earthquakes and Tsunamis and Squids oh My

I lived in Japan from  2000-2003.   on 9/11, when the base was on lockdown, the amount of  support in the form of flowers and candles and vigils outside the gates was overwhelming.  they are a wonderful people, quiet, reserved(unless its Karaoke Night)  and truly caring.

 both my husband and my stepson are involved with the relief efforts currently.   this is one of those times where you not only understand on a far deeper level why you won't be hearing from your loved ones as often,  but you also don't mind at all that it could be weeks before you speak again.

things like natural disasters, whether they hit close to home physically or emotionally, tend to make you step back and take stock.   all those little things like potable water and electricity to power the Laptop suddenly aren't so little any more.  Things we take for granted like  the roads..and the cell phone tower.. you gain a new appreciation.  even something as simple as having a blanket at night  becomes far more than mere necessity.

We have it lucky.   far luckier than most other nations.   we need to start appreciating that fact more.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Taxes: Ugh

now don't get me wrong, I fully expect a refund, and probably a large enough one to cover the June trip.  or pay off  my student Loans  even earlier than the current December Timetable.

But all those reports and documents you get (hopefully in a timely fashion after 30 January)?  It's a bear to keep track of the IRAs and the Mutual Funds and the Mortgage interest payments and the interest income from the savings account.  especially since  many places have opted to go paperless.. or at least to just email you a link to their website so you can waste your own paper and ink printing it out.

 which only helps if you actually HAVE ink in your printer.   or , more precisely, Black ink.   *sigh*.  It's always something.

 stuff you seldom use, but when you actually need it, it's not there.  Like black ink for your printer so you can print out tax info.  or batteries that fit into various and sundry household goods.. like..oh I dunno, the thermostat.   or the Elliptical machine.  or the smoke detector that chooses 0200 to remind you that it's there and needs a recharge.  stuff that you don't necessarily have stockpiled in the closet.  but when it goes, you need it replaced Right.Now.

  John has been officially gone  a year this week.   and Last Christmas seems like forever ago.  and June is Forever away.

I miss my Squid....