Friday, November 18, 2011

More new toys

I am the proud owner of a Kindle Fire.

 Lots of people have been  going back and forth: tablet, smartphone, e reader,  Ipad?!  they each have their pros and cons.   I had a plain ole regular Kindle 3G that I used and loved  being  just a tad bit obsessive over reading.   we probably have 5 full size bookshelves in our house all with double rows on each shelf.   and that does NOT count all the books we have gotten rid of over the last 15 years.

 My goal was to A: stop buying hard copies of books as I had run out of room  ages ago  and B to eventually do to all digital format( or at least as much as I could considering many of my books are out of print now.  Imagine my joy when I found this entire mega library full of classics.. books I had forever longed to read or had read as a kid.. now available as freebies in the Kindle universe!   Doyle, Austen, Stoker, Shelley( Mary, not Percy) Poe.. all of my longtime favorites now available in one  fell swoop!

well with ONE teeny exception( yes I bought  the Twilight Companion Book in hard copy.   so sue me) I am proud to  claim full success on Goal A with me picking up eversions of Bourdain's many books( have always wanted to read Kitchen Confidential) as well as some new  ebooks written solely for  that format.   I have even grabbed a bunch for John to read since he is getting my old Kindle now that I have my new toy.

Goal B is muchly more ambitious and I confess to not trying very hard although  at some point a few of the ones in more battered condition will eventually be replaced.

Countdown:   in eleven very long days I will be on a plane to Okinawa for  2 weeks of Squidspoiling.   me being spoiled by the Squid.   not the other way around   THAT comes in May on the cruise Bwahahahaha Oh the things I have planned for him

get your minds out of the gutter.  we are in our 40s and old and get tired easily.  sheesh.