Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The long awaited Trip recap

well, mostly.   It occurred to me as I downloaded my camera this morning that MOST of the really good pictures are on JOHN''s camera.  and John.. just got underway for a month so there will not be any FB photo album downloads any time soon.
you will have to settle for my few paltry pics

This is a nest in one of the aviaries at the  San Diego Zoo.   you can sort of see Junior .

all the pics of ME  with a Lorikeet hat are on John's camera.  I can happily spend all day in this aviary just feeding the little buggers

Obligatory cute baby animal shot complete with big sister

Obligatory cute baby twin animal shot.  these are wild deer  roaming the Safari Park.

one posed very nicely at the edge of the road

Mom.   she was across the street where the noms were better but eventually managed to bring the youngsters over too

 CA condors.   lunch that day was cow spleen.   yum.   these will be released in the wild as soon as they have  grown up 

this is Gao Gao, the STUD.   his last three progeny have been conceived the old fashioned way and  number 4 may soon be on the way.  when you  factor in the fact that girl pandas only get frisky for about 3 days TOTAL every 24-36 months.. that's quite an accomplishment.  

This is Winston.   Winston is like  124 years old.   he is ALSO the a famous Hollywood star.   look closely.   he was the model/stand in for ET

okay this was way cool, and a part of the park that was not there when we lived in SD  10 years ago.   it is a mock up of the La Brea Tar pits and the level of 'tar' raises and lowers on a cycle so you can watch how critters got trapped and turned into  Shell's greatest asset.

This is Junior..and dammit but I forget his name.   he's almost 3 and will heading to China soon to start making babies of his own

Final obligatory cute fuzzy baby pic.   this little guy was only about 3 days old.  

There are other pics and I will most likely post them on FB at some time.   and  we realized long about dinner time our last day at Disneyland that neither of us took a single picture at all.  oops...

While the weather was  less than amazing.. 60s and windy every day, we did enjoy  the trip, I did NOT trip, fall, break or bruise a single square inch of my body and generally  was able  to forget he still has another 9 months before he can come home.   *sigh* we can do this....

Friday, June 17, 2011

Yeah yeah I know

it's been over a month.   I hang my head in shame.   but I have a good excuse. really.   well several, actually.

however.. I am NOT gonna tell you what they are.  so Nyah.

 Instead, I am going to update my Resolution List

1:(lose 35 pounds).  yeah, uhh.. not even close.   but I haven't gained so there's that...

2:( make holiday cards monthly) again, I suck.   no mojo for a long time now.  I am hoping to rectify that shortly

3: (blog updates)  not perfect, but not lousy either

4:(pay off student loans) I can actually claim progress here.. less than $2500 left on a $30K loan. paid off in under 6 years.

5: (no non essential craft spending) ..weeeellll.. I have kept it under $250 total.   alas the new SU! catty comes out next month...

6: ( use current supplies to craft)  well since I haven't actually crafted lately, this is a non issue.

Bonus:( no broken Bones) I can happily  share that so far, so good.. even ten days in CA with the spousal unit was relatively  uneventful as far as ER visits.

Next up.. once I get caught up with everything, is a trip recap of those ten days in CA.