Friday, June 17, 2011

Yeah yeah I know

it's been over a month.   I hang my head in shame.   but I have a good excuse. really.   well several, actually.

however.. I am NOT gonna tell you what they are.  so Nyah.

 Instead, I am going to update my Resolution List

1:(lose 35 pounds).  yeah, uhh.. not even close.   but I haven't gained so there's that...

2:( make holiday cards monthly) again, I suck.   no mojo for a long time now.  I am hoping to rectify that shortly

3: (blog updates)  not perfect, but not lousy either

4:(pay off student loans) I can actually claim progress here.. less than $2500 left on a $30K loan. paid off in under 6 years.

5: (no non essential craft spending) ..weeeellll.. I have kept it under $250 total.   alas the new SU! catty comes out next month...

6: ( use current supplies to craft)  well since I haven't actually crafted lately, this is a non issue.

Bonus:( no broken Bones) I can happily  share that so far, so good.. even ten days in CA with the spousal unit was relatively  uneventful as far as ER visits.

Next up.. once I get caught up with everything, is a trip recap of those ten days in CA.

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