Friday, February 25, 2011

Spring is coming; let the doldrums be banished

 Plotting and planning for  June has begun.   Hotel ressies made, Plane tickets( for each of us) are bought.   all I need now is to figure out the least complicated way to rent a wheelchair for the trip.

I absolutely will need one for San Diego,  there is no way I could survive 2 days each at the Zoo and WAP( now called safari Park) and squeeze in a trip to Seaworld while we are at it.  I could admit that its my own fault due to lack of exercise, but that's not entirely true.   I really am in a bad way.   my hips just can't take the strain any more.  the local post office is about a 20 minute walkaway, and when I go there, I am done for the rest of the day, even factoring in  my usual routine of sitting down at one of the nearby eateries( I have a bounty to choose from,. Hardee's. KFC, Friendly's, even Five Guys if I really needed 5 pounds of deep fried goodness in a paper bag) all on the way.  and heck, the route flat!

Guess i really am old and will need to seriously revisit the doc's recommendation to  get a referral to an Ortho surgeon.   Oh, Joy.   Next year, when John gets back from Okinawa.

But that is tabled for the nonce.   first I need to make reservations at a few sit down places in Disneyland.   Thinking Napa Rose and ESPN Zone.  one romantic and one casual.   works for me.

Just need to get through the next 3 months.   if the snow is REALLY doen for the year, it will be a start.. a good one.. to ensure my survival.

Ten bucks says when he returns in Spring 2012 means for the next three years after that there will be NO significant snowfall accumulation.

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