Thursday, March 3, 2011

Taxes: Ugh

now don't get me wrong, I fully expect a refund, and probably a large enough one to cover the June trip.  or pay off  my student Loans  even earlier than the current December Timetable.

But all those reports and documents you get (hopefully in a timely fashion after 30 January)?  It's a bear to keep track of the IRAs and the Mutual Funds and the Mortgage interest payments and the interest income from the savings account.  especially since  many places have opted to go paperless.. or at least to just email you a link to their website so you can waste your own paper and ink printing it out.

 which only helps if you actually HAVE ink in your printer.   or , more precisely, Black ink.   *sigh*.  It's always something.

 stuff you seldom use, but when you actually need it, it's not there.  Like black ink for your printer so you can print out tax info.  or batteries that fit into various and sundry household goods.. like..oh I dunno, the thermostat.   or the Elliptical machine.  or the smoke detector that chooses 0200 to remind you that it's there and needs a recharge.  stuff that you don't necessarily have stockpiled in the closet.  but when it goes, you need it replaced Right.Now.

  John has been officially gone  a year this week.   and Last Christmas seems like forever ago.  and June is Forever away.

I miss my Squid....

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