Friday, August 26, 2011

Come on Irene...

its 80s Music fest!  wooT.   so the entire state is freaking out over Hurricane Irene.

 okay she's a Cat 2.   big fat hairy deal.   I say this as someone who has lived through Andrew and Isobel although I did escape Katrina.   and well I don't even count the two tai-fun I experienced in Yokosuka a bazillion years ago.

 yeah.. right.. the  grill is INSIDE,   there are several pitchers of filtered water and tonight before I go to bed I will be  filling the bathtub.  I studiously avoided eating things that required no cooking for the last two days.  (tonight I tried out my brand spanky new pampered Chef grill pan and press.. LIKE!)

do I really think we'll get slammed?  not particularly.   but.. better safe than sorry.  I do have a generator but no spare gas.   oh well, if it gets too bad I will offer the extra plugs to  anyone with a gas  can heheheh.

Am I worried?  not really, no.   although if I lose power during Doctor Who,  heads WILL roll. and yes tomorrow am I will purposely  schedule FB crops and what not  to come due/live on Sunday or later .  Priorities, ya Know?

 anywho:  the last , oh I dunno 6 -8 weeks or so I noticed something..  every once in a while I remember that my  Homeowners association kinda likes it when we maintain our lawns.  no biggie, it's not like I have an acre or anything.   but when I actually go to LOOK.. its all nice and neat.  hell the edge of the house and around the deck supports are like.. neat and trimmed and crap.  I do NOT do the weedwhacker, I just cannot operate it.  so for the last 18 months the side of the house and around the  supports crap.  worse even.    well today I found out my  secret mow-er.. the guy from 2 houses down.   Mind you I have never said 2 words to the guy before.  so yeah, when John gets back.. he has some lawn mowing to do.

It's nice to see the little things people do.

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