Thursday, August 25, 2011

We have ORDERS!!!!!!!!!

of course in typical Military NonSpeak there are no specifics :Detach March 2012.  report NSA/CSS COMSEC Ft Meade MD April 2012.   good friend of ours is the XO, too so we already have an inside track.

 bit of a leeway, what?!   hopefully the replacement guy gets there early in March so they can do turnover quickly.   plan is to take a week, maybe two to get settled, buy a car; perhaps deign to  physically show ourselves to various and sundry NY relations for a weekend.

 end of May is spoken for.. 6 days in Bermuda aboard Royal Caribbean Enchantment of the Seas.   put the deposit down earlier this week.  followed by 10 days at Animal Kingdom Lodge in September.  the rest of the time he can work.

Student Loans are paid OFF!   last payment went out this week.  5 years early, thankyewverymuch.   so nice to not have any monthly bills other than  the mortgage and the utilities for a while

 still going to Okinawa in December for 2 weeks.  can't not.

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