Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Anniversaries and other milestones

First,  a Happy picture.   These are the flowers John  had delivered to me on Monday, which was our 13th anniversary...despite me saying 14 on FB.. I was counting our year engagement since the only thing that STOPPED us from being married sooner was the fact that.well.. umm.. he was still married to  somebody else.  Long story, won't bore you with details.   It is very frustrating to be told that  a delivery IS coming on such a such a date( as opposed to  waiting for say Brown to show with a box of stuff you ordered and 'think' may be coming.   but yes I waited all day.. LITERALLY all day.   they were not delivered until 4:45 pm.    The basket was supposed to have chrysanthemums.   unless I forget what they look like, I don't see any, do you?  I know I know every florist reserves the right to substitute if the desired flower isn't fresh or whatever...  Luckily my neighbor across the street kept me company while I fretted the afternoon away.  Alas her daughter left Scouting so where am I gonna get my Thin Mints from now?!  Arrggghhh.

This, is Keke.   Her name comes from the fact that A's youngest N couldn't actually say Kitty.   Unfortunately this was taken just before the vet stopped by to put her out of her misery.   I only wish I had taken more pictures of her in her short few months with me.   This was her favorite spot in the house, on the spare bed close to the window and where she spent her last moments.   Luckily you cannot really tell how emaciated she was at the end.   Still cannot go in that room.....butI need to get over that.   The luggage is in that closet and I have a plane to catch at the end of November.

 MAJOR shout out/words of praise for the Calvert Veterinary Clinic in Pasadena.  the night she was brought in for her tests we were there a good 2 hours past closing and they did nothing but reassure me they would NOT skimp on her care or force us out even when they suggested additional testing  past closing that was going to  take a good 30 minutes.   and when they called the next morning to confirm the diagnosis,  the first thing the  Doctor did was OFFER to come to my house to perform the euthanasia.   this, from  a man I had NEVER met and had never seen any of my cats, professionally or otherwise.    So Monday last, about 2ish he and one of the techs came by.   we had a long chat about what was going to happen, and then they let me say good bye alone.  all through it, she never stopped purring.   they prepped her and gave me one last hug/kiss before injecting the pink stuff.   10 seconds later, it was over.  Again, they let me sit with her a while before taking her away

The Rainbow Bridge has another Traveler.

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  1. Well, let's see. I have nieces who are Girl Scouts. I could be persuaded to send some to Maryland. Possibly Japan also.

    The flower's John sent are very pretty. I didn't even catch the mistake of you saying 14 years, even though I have pictures of my pregnant self in your wedding. I blame the cold meds I was on.

    Keke was a very pretty cat, although I am kinda biased towards the black and white kitties. Bob knows she's got plenty of friends running around up there with her, just from our own family.