Saturday, October 1, 2011

Good news, bad news and an oopsie

Good news: we have a  tentative date for John's return!

 Bad news: it's NOT in March   *wahhhh* his replacement is taking a couple weeks of leave before reporting so  he will will not be cut loose until April although he is pretty confident he can fly home that first Saturday in April .   hmm Must find a nice 17 month calendar  so I can circle that date in big  bright  orange marker...

the oopsie:  This is a PSA to all persons who make  payments on cruises  and other vacation packages online.   When you screw up entering the CC number,  Make sure your other fields do not reset

Otherwise, instead of putting a nice manageable $500 payment on your cruise in May, you pay it off.  completely.  Yes I probably could have called RCI and stayed on hold for three hours  and then begged for it to be  reversed.  then I'd have to wait until it showed up on my CC statement before going back and making another payment attempt.   this way was easier I can still pay it off and not have to  pay interest.

oh well that's 2 of 4  planned major expenses in the next 6 months already paid off.   and we won't be buying a car til April.   and I will start the Disney project in January when I get back.

Bonus: I bought/pre ordered a Kindle fire.   I have been waiting for them to come out with a color ereader for ages and this just has so many extra features that I may not need to  spring for a smart phone next spring after all.  John has already claimed the old Kindle and I have begun looking for ebooks that he likes to add to it.   hey I can get  $50 Amazon giftcards through  my CC rewards program.   and since I just put a $4000 cruise on the cc, I have enough to redeem several GCs heheheh

Cat Update: Marley seems to be channeling Keke.  there has been actual cuddling( although not of Monster levels) and she has taken to sleeping not on the dresser staring down at me all night, but actually at the foot of the bed curled up behind my legs.

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