Thursday, October 27, 2011

new toys...

I finally joined the 21st century.   got me a smart phone.    had planned on doing so in April when John returns anyway.  Apparently my old, plain, basic, flip phone had other plans.

started going haywire earlier in the week.   about every 90 seconds or so it would  reset itself like it had just been turned on despite having a full battery.

after some initial issues regarding the name the account was under( His) and the fact that  even though I was the one USING the phone I could not make any changes to the account as I was never added as an authorized person and a fight with the old one to stay functioning long enough to transfer my contact list I am now the proud owner of a Iphone 4 16 GB.   ( no 32 GB in stock although I highly doubt I will ever fill up the 16 GB anyway)

I am pleased and will spend the next few weeks playing with features like adding my Itunes playlist and a few apps.   yes I will DL angry birds.   just haven't decided if I will spring for the paid version yet.   wil hopefully be at least  proficient by the time the flight comes..... so I can bug everybody with real time FB updates in airport terminals....

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