Thursday, January 6, 2011

Kindles are awesome

and I don't even have mine in hand yet.   Due tomorrow.  We like it when Brown comes a callin'.   usually means good stuff in the boxes.

My Sister got an ereader(not Kindle) for Christmas and I had been already intrigued by them before.   saw a Kindle in person at a friend's  and decided they weren't redundant after all.   Hmm, load several hundred books into something the size of a paperback;  small enough to stick in your purse for airplane rides( hey I have one coming up in December soonest that will be like 12 hours long!)  FREE copyright expired classics like Poe and Shakespeare and Austin?!   HELLO~~~~ English Lit Major here!

Used up  all our CC rewards to buy $350 worth of Amazon gift cards.  that covered the kindle, the plain black cover( may get fancy someday but went basic for now) and I started buying a few books.   Yes I downloaded Twilight.  Sue me.   Also downloaded the three Doonesbury books that chronicle  BD and Toggle's injuries in Iraq/Afghanistan.   Yes  you can buy comics for Kindle.  and I even sprang for  the first in a new series that I found that looks to be half  Janet Evanovich- esque and half Angsty Vampire-ish.

and I still have money on the account for future purchases.  hehehehe.

Now if only Kim and and I can figure out how to swap books with each other.....

*Blogspot/Google/Gmail does not like me.   I am having to reset my password every day no matter what I do.  not sure how to fix it and the contact us button is completely useless.   whose bright idea was it to  force you to ask your question in a forum setting  then hope to hell some random person who does NOT work for Google can address the issue you are having that is specifically NOT addressed in any of the  FAQs and whose step by step instructions lead you right back to where you were already...having to reset a password that you just reset a day before, and WROTE DOWN to make sure you weren't futzing it up?  Do Not make me download Chrome for just Google related stuff!

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  1. So Moon Dance is a series? Yay! I love reading series. I don't think you and I are going to be able to swap books though. we are using 2 different base sites =( Might want to ask your tech savvy Squid though.

    Can't help you with the Google/Blogspot stuff. I haven't had any problems commenting here. Although, I do wish they didn't make you have to choose which account you want to comment under EACH AND EVERY FRICKIN TIME.

    WV.. ceddepe... a centipede with a cold