Tuesday, January 4, 2011


That may or may not actually be kept...

The secret is making realistic ones and then actually, you know, accomplishing them.  

I have a few this year.

1: lose 35 pounds on Weight Watchers.   I  joined it once before in San Diego  while John was deployed and  liked the concept.   what I didn't like was the in person meetings.. one part hard sell "buy this cookbook/scale/drink mix" and one part too damn chipper for your own good positive feedback.   This go round, I am doing it strictly online but have a few friends who are doing it too.   To that end we are  gonna share WW friendly recipes in a swap and  we are going to try and bring WW friendly  dishes to our swaps. I WILL learn to like veggies again.   I  make no promises in regards to salads.

2: make Christmas cards all year round.   Did it two years ago and it was AWESOME..  making  a few each month was soo much nicer than waiting until October and then panicking.   Also didn't get tired of the same card over and over.   the first year I ever got into card making, I made 100 cards.. the same design.  sure I did it in stages, but by the end of it I so loathed the stamps and punch I used that I sold them  immediately.   and now I miss them.   Go figure.   but now I have about 15 or 20 stamps that are holiday appropriate so I can vary my designs and keep form getting burned out.   I actually made some today.   And if I figure out how to add pictures to the Blog, well you'll get a sneak peek.  actually, lemme rephrase.. once I figure out how to add pictures to the new Mac i will add them here.

3: actually keep up with the Blog regularly.   Once a week minimum.

4: Pay OFF my student Loans.   This is well on track, I have about $9000 left of a $26K beginning balance.   This will be a two fold resolution.   by paying them off this year, I can  use the money set aside  to do so available next Spring when John returns and we have to buy a car.  The bigger the downpayment, the lower the monthly payment.   and with gas forecast to reach $5 or more a gallon by then we are gonna need all the extra cash we can get.

5: Rein in the crafty spending.  Hard to do when you live an hour from a Ribbon outlet and 2 from Amish country, have friends who sell SU!, are design team members of  other companies and generally suck you into the latest new toy.  Back in the fall, I looked at my Girl Cave and realized I had too much stuff and  had no idea what a good third of it was.   Every year, SU! has this big sale where you get free stuff for spending money.   I have promised myself that once I place that order, NO MORE  stuff that is not a consumable..  I can replace adhesive, cardstock and envelopes, but I can't justify buying another stamp set when I have 12  on my shelf that have never seen ink.  which leads me to...

6: Use what I have up first.    Last year SU! reorganized their colors and got rid of a bunch.   so I resolved to use up the discontinued colors.   I also will force myself to use all those cute embellishments  I have lying around, all that DP taking up space and I WILL use each new stamp set at least once.    can't quite bring myself to use ribbon on every card yet.   baby steps.

I'd also like to avoid breaking any bones this year.  You know, just because.


  1. I'm with ya' on using up the supplies I already own. I tried the No Buying thing last year...I'm sure you can guess how that went. I signed up to sell SU! lol Oh well everyone has to be something I'm a crafter with a side of shopaholic.

  2. I am loving your blog!!... keep with it!