Saturday, January 1, 2011

New year, New Start

January 1st.  It's as good a time as any to begin something new, right? So, let's begin.

Hello, my name is Dawnmarie.

*crickets chirping*

Yeah, figured as much.   No biggie, I don't expect this to be the next big thing.   In fact I don't expect to have any subscribers at all except a few friends who also have blogs and the occasional pity one from a family member.

so even though the only people I expect to ever read this already know too much about me, I shall bore you all to tears with My Biography.

or at least, the reader's Digest Condensed Version.

Who am I?   not going to get all existential on you, I am not that cruel.   Suffice it to say I am mere weeks away from my 43rd birthday, am happily married to a US Naval Officer, have a degree in English Lit and am currently living alone.

other details include me being a crafter of sorts(mostly card making), a cat lover and new Mac owner(as of 2 days ago)

background: 2010 SUCKED.   no, really, it did.   I knew the year was gonna be hell when the BWA triangle got hit with Snowmagedden the week between Christmas and New Year's  last year and things went belly up  and never recovered.    I failed my over seas screening so John( the aforementioned Naval Officer) ended up having to move to Okinawa alone.   as in withOUT me.  or the cats.  for TWO YEARS.  Yeah I know, it beats being shot at in Afghanistan or Iraq.   he's done his time in the desert.. in fact he had just come back just a few months before having to go to Okinawa.

I will spare you the boring self pitying details, but highlights include breaking my arm when visiting him in Japan last October.

This Blog will attempt to chronicle  year 2 of our separation, interspersed with pictures of some of the cards I make all year( one personal goal is to make Christmas cards all year long so as not to be stuck  next holiday season with no time),  laments about living with Arthritis & without a driver's license, the cute stuff my cats do( and their annoying stuff too) and all my plans/hopes/wishes( like, say, losing 35 pounds, getting to Hong Kong Disney, taking at least one cruise and generally surviving the year)


  1. Looking forward to ready about your 'adventures'! :)

  2. Sorry to disappoint you, but this won't be a "pity" subscription =P I bet Steph's wouldn't be either, if she knows about this blog.