Saturday, January 8, 2011

Yeap, Kindles ARE awesome

mine arrived not ten minutes after I bitched on FB about the fact that Brown had not yet seen fit to grace me with my delivery.   works every time.

want an endorsement?

 BUY A KINDLE.    seriously.   no worrying about losing your place.   hell you can even  channel my husband and read multiple books at the same time and it keeps your place automatically.  if you are terribly cheap( or just broke) there are hundreds of thousands of ebooks available freefernuthin'. and some of them you may actually read!   Ever wanted to read ALL the Oz books?!   now you can.  (what, there's more to Dorothy's adventures than the movie version?!.   yes, Scarecrow there is a whole series by L Frank Baum centered on the Emerald city and it's environs.)  Pick a classic that you were forced to read in school.. and all the ones you liked to read anyway.    They are available.   I started with Austen.. I have never read any of her works but have seen most movie versions.   I also have my perennial favorites Dracula and Frankenstein.  and soon I will break down and get my beloved Poe.   and if I can find some  ClassicGothic, so much the better.   Oh Castle of Otranto, where Art Thou?!

page turning is a joy.. one handed and no dealing with a cat who insists on getting in the way.  screen wipes clean.. no more spattered pages of spilt coffee.

My only half regret is I backed down from my original plan to buy the cover with the built in light as I had read several reports of it shorting out the kindle.   last night I could have used it although I was able to read without straining too much( bet the new glasses had something to do with that)

Squidward is going TAD next week.   he gets to finally  get back into the game.  he's all sorts of giddy at the prospect.   he'll never come right out and admit this to me, but he really misses sea duty and being underway.  he gets to  do his job with real time feedback.   I don't mind when he's gone, we both like our alone time.   2 years is a bit much, though.   luckily we have begin plotting for a 3 week jaunt to Okinawa around Christmas next year.   Hope my Cat sitter  is up for a long term gig.   but she'll be well compensated with Japanese goodies when i get back.

since we got twice as much snow today as we did the other day( an entire half inch, at least) it's kinda a grey gloomy day.   I have therefore resolved to do some laundry, make some cards and maybe, just maybe, start trying to  figure out how to load photos on the Mac.  The blog needs illustrating.

* had to admit defeat.  Loaded Chrome.   I may only use it for  Blog stuff since google doesn't seem to play nice with Safari.   Guess yesterday being able to sign in without issue was a fluke.  but it was either that or bail on the whole blog concept.   not quite ready to break a resolution this soon.

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