Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Well whaddya know

it actually snowed enough to be worthy of the designation.  As someone who basically grew up in Upstate NY, that means at least an inch deep on all surfaces.  of  course we don't start really counting until  it's closer to a foot.  We laugh derisively when we read about them Southern States with their paltry 9 total snowplows for a moderately sized  population center.    growing up, my NEIGHBORHOOD had that many.  Everyone owned either a snowplow or had one of them mounted on their truck.. or knew somebody who did.  or in the case of my sister...married somebody who did.   Love had nothing to do with it, she just wanted lifetime oil changes( P is a mechanic) and to never have to shovel out a driveway again. ( she even went so far as to have all boys so that when P is otherwise not around she still has manual labor.   Smart chick)  

At some point I may decide to  shovel my driveway.   what's annoying is my side of the street does not get sunlight during the day in the winter, yet directly across?  all my neighbors have already had their driveways melted away with no effort on their part at all.  so unfair.  as long as there is no threat of icing over,  I'll be fine.  and I am getting picked up Saturday to go out for the day so I suppose that it would be nice if M had a place to park the car.

my GF A( Hi A!) is one of those insane people who actually likes this crap.  so much so that last spring/summer she bought like 4 or 5 snowsleds at the local Thrift store.  she spent at least part of the morning out there sledding on the hill behind her house.  (her only reason for having kids was an excuse to go sledding without getting funny looks from the neighbors. Don't think it would ever stop her though)

My Kindle adventures continue.   finished the first novel: Secret Diary of a London Call Girl.  loved the TV show.   Book was good too.    Now i am on a new series, another Vampire one.. but alas, no angsty boys with sparkles.   this is about a middle aged woman who becomes a Private Investigator after being attacked and turned, and struggling to keep her marriage intact and still be able to pick up the kids from school despite bursting into flame if she so much as steps outside in daylight.  So far, not bad.  her current client is a werewolf so I worry it will descend too far into cliche'.

Stay warm!

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